Games for Your Site

Here you can download my games and host it on your site for free. The zip packages include all needed resources such as screenshots and thumbnails. Just please don't modify or alter the games in any way or restricting features (including links) inside them.

Current development: imagination escape 2

Continuality of the previous game... I'm working on a sequel. This scene took me three time tries because I made a wrong perspective.

Another incoming game!

Currently I'm polishing a game for Casual Gameplay Design Competition #6. Can't say much but here are spoiler pictures.

Hold on there! Incoming game!

Probably in a month or less I will have another game. This one took me a month to make and another week to polish. It currently on bidding process and I need to wait to maximalize the sponsorship cash ;) .

The Desert Seed - Game Hints

Guide for game The Desert Seed

Replay: Before and After

A flash replay of artwork 'Before and After'.

A Lonely Valentine, by Hiptomas

Hi! Due to recent request for the awesome piano play used in Virtual Utopia Tutorial, we decides to let people to download the original song file. You can download it from the attachment below.

Here is the comment from the author; Hiptomas, "thank you for your support :D, didn't think my music will be this popular."

Some Animations

Here I put some animations that I was make for UtoTutorial. I also add an image that include every part of adult-rosedragon. If so less frames could make a nice animation , it seems a lot of frames would expand more probabilities.

Virtual Utopia Tutorial

This is an Interactive Basic Tutorial for the webgame Utopia. As a 'from noob to noob' guide and in believe that most new players get bored reading long guides, hopefully this guide able to increase the interest of new players. Made with Adobe Flash CS3 as an effort to 'test the water'.

Basic Flash Website Template

This template intended to show what I already able to make with flash on web design basis. Even so, just as I learned these from internet and books in a month, I'm sure I'm able to learn other flash web tricks.

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