Beyond Dream

The exhausts of humans’ achievements filled my lungs as I soaring through the sky. Sharp dusts scratching my scales, very uncomfortable like cursing me to leave this grey sky. Altitude can’t prevent these threats and like it wasn’t enough, shocking explosions and weapons traffic interrupting my flight.

Humans... greedy, selfish, and arrogant. They are destroying their own world and taking every creatures’ life with them. They do not care about their own kin, nor their OWN life. Beggars die in hunger while others wasting their moneys.

Dark Horizon

He yells once and throw out a breath, intoxicating the air with his smelly bad breath. He put off his glasses and look to the window, it’s dark outside -- like other time when he had enough with the computer. And the sky always dark for him, the one who have no one. Only the computer makes him keep walking, to nowhere.

Last Howl

This night is mine, just like every night. I howl to reclaim my territory. I’m an alpha wolf in a pack of five adult wolves and two wolf cubs-- my cubs. And we life inside a wide pine forest.

These days I found some weird two-legged pink-skinned creatures wandering through the forest. Days later, they brought some noisy, yellow, and big creature. Within days I figure out that the yellow giant eat trees and the pink-skinned is those who serve the giant’s hunger.

Dragon Inside Him

The dragon start bite his stomach again, from inside. He holds his pain and closes his eyes, his mom look in concern.

"Please, allow them to cure you, sweetheart..."

He shook his head surely. No, my dragon shouldn't be killed, think him.


No more flying high, no more lying in the grass. Like a bird, now trapped in the golden cage. And nothing, even treasure could match freedom.

My name is Reinaden, a young dragoness named Reinaden. I'm green-like fresh grass, fine grass-with yellow eyes. Instead of spikes, leaves frill my back and that's maybe why they capture me. Being only 12 feet high, they though I was easier to tame, those monkeys...

Faded Reality

*Knock? knock?* Someone is knocking my door, must be my mom, told me to eat. Likewise she left the food in front of my door. I take it and leave it in my table. And then, I comeback to my computer, go back to my world. Life is so rude, people are so selfish everywhere-- also my parents, like other people, keep working and working and left their own child. Why people make their own life difficult?

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