A creature walks slow crossing a small river. Moonlight reflects from his black scales, showing terrifying red colour. Blood drips from the fresh corpse in his jaws. A pair of long horn curved from back of his head and spines march along his back, passing between his blue bat-like wings, and down to his sharp tail spade. He has two pair of agile limbs, with long fingers to grab anything, also small but sharp claws.

After the Tides

Tini holds her mother's dress and her tears. She and her mother haven't eat for three days, since her favorite ocean raise up and swallow her town, her father, and her friends. Tini cries no more, her mother will cries too and blame herself if Tini cries. She just holds her mother promise that they will eat this day.


The storm blows viciously in the canyon, echoing off the stone walls and resounding all the way through the canyons expanse as well as making it the only sound heard in the seemingly silent chasm. But she can’t hear it. No, she isn’t deaf. She was watching her egg, the glistening shell ignited by the light of the moon that reflected from the walls around her and her unborn. The sound of cracking is a wonderfully melodic tune for her and she hums a gentle song with delight.

Order of Furries (discontinued


Once upon a time... Aenasan 3500 AZC. In Las imagenes island at Mochi mochi mountains life some fuzzy creatures who likes to play together. There is Fluffy the untidy dog with a cape, Pupp the tiny panther with a cap, and Rose the rosedragon. They was playing around when a big bad wolf come and barks to them.
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"We have order from Master Yoshi!" barks the big wolf Kaye. She fix her eyeglasses awhile and catch some breath. While the three other furries keep playing cuddling around.

Hack Infinite (#6 of 6, finished)

Log 6: Ambition of JHC.1634

Rick, still riding on RedNETWolf entering another wide room with his other viruses. A familiar guy with black glasses and a cloak stand in the second floor, laughing at them.

“Welcome, to your final fight. So, what do you know about JHC.1634?” asks the stranger. Rick thinks for a while.

“An out of date virus that infect *.*exe and *.*com also lurks inside RAM and scatter through DOS.”

“Almost correct, nice try. JHC is ancient but not out of date,” yells the stranger unpredictably. “Feels the wrath of JHC.1634!!!”

Hack Infinite (#5 of 6, finished)

Log 5: 666.666.666.6 Rick’s team stops in front of a gateway, a scary gateway with two cybernetic gargoyle statues in each sides and with numbers: 666.666.666.6 in the middle. “This is it… the final of our journey…” said Rick almost in whisper. They all stand there in silence until RedNETWolf touches Rick’s hand with its nose. “Ride me, master. It’s must be dangerous inside.” Rick mounts RedNETWolf with P4LM4 on his back, holding his shirt in fear.

Hack Infinite (#4 of 6, finished)

Log 4 : ILOVEU

Out from the server we find another strange land of cyberworld. It was silent and not much lights here. But there is some scary red lights blinks around. The road full of creaks in some place and broken in some other place. Not mention the infinite pitfall in each side... Only several times the road forked into someone’s gateway.

“Oh, Rick! My charming prince...”

“Do you hear that?” Rick stops his move.

“Hear what?” confuse his viruses.

“Nevermind then.”

“MY PRINCE! Your *.*vbs throne is ready!”

Hack Infinite (#3 of 6, finished)

Log 3: The Server

The cyberworld is full of lights, like Las Vegas. Although it still dark and nothing seen above there, no moon, no stars, and maybe no sky. Electricity run everywhere through the platforms and if the land viewed from far above, it would seen like giant motherboard.

Hack Infinite (#2 of 6, finished)

Log 2: Introducing the Impossible

Rick wakes up in unfamiliar place, his sight still blur and his head hurts. Then he got a feeling that something big walks approach him... He gather his courage and look around, find nothing then darkness and faraway lights.

Then a shape stare upon him, yellow glowing eyes, sharp horn, and big sharp claws... Rick quickly crawls and try to runaway but the creature holds his cloth. He screaming furiously and try to release his cloth.

“Master! Please... don’t run!”

Hack Infinite (#1 of 6, finished)

Log 1: Sending Data

His name is Rick. He is smart and has a lot of friends in his high school. His hobby is skateboarding and frequently hangs out with his friends on the mall. Just like other common teenagers. So, what special about him?

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