Hack me>>>

[Hack] through my firewalls and proxys of negative thoughts.
[Enter] my life and [INSERT] my heart,
Worry not of hacking risks and the federals.
[Route] me to cheerful world to [Shift] my mood into happy.


I put all my trust on your promises
Smile and think people understand me
I close my eyes and float above dreams
I believe the warmth will stay in my heart

Chain of Past

They know what am I before I realize it
They threat me different, whoever they are
Pushing me to ground, break my wings
Before I realize I have wings to fly

They know how dangerous I could become
So they cease every spirit of me
Crushing every confidences of me
Point me as failure

The religion once I dedicated at
Chain me with barbs when I asleep
Those priests would have burn me
If I don’t runaway disappointed

I’m still bound to these rusty chains
Bring the burden along, every time, everywhere
Wounds so deep, bleeding and torturing

©Amethyst Orchard 2004 - 2009.