Winding Life

In the middle of the ocean
Caught in wrath of the storm
Waves racing to swallow
Darkness covering the moon


Take blue and yellow
Mix the colors,
What do you see?

Move On

Figuring the cause of sadness is useless
We can’t turn back
No magic can change the past,
Nothing that could be blamed

True Friends

I believe there are true friends
Who don't mind to listen,
Hope and dreams that can't happen,
Goal that never reached,
Or wounds that life gave

The Pitiful Man

He gave up and he lost
He never realize nor learn
He let the world shape him
And never seek opportunities to change

Better Than Devils

We are those who can think
Who claim to have heart
Who claim to be loved by the God
Who are best species on earth

Daekar Erhen (Freedom of A Dragon)

We dragons born to soaring the sky
To the freedom you can’t understand
The words can’t describe
Of how much our wings means to us


The earth trembles and breaks
Awakes the master of the ocean
The elusive twisting serpent Leviathan
Wrath from the deeps

Diamond in My Heart

While a bad friend spread like plague,
A good friend is like a diamond
Transparent and shiny,
Honest and full of hope

No One Care

My father died overdosage
No one care, his own fault they said
My mother become a bitch
No one care, no one care

©Amethyst Orchard 2004 - 2009.