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Holy Knights Beta 2.0

holy knight screenshot

Sean Darius once is Oroboros' cultist, but his destiny start to change when he being defeated by an angel. Play as him with his friends to seek the right God.

Type: RPG Game.
Requirments: Windows 95 to newest.

Features: Stats and skills choice, unique religion themed story.

Known issues:
Some sounds missing for this game, use the sound files on here.

Blood fire War 1.2

bloodfire war

BloodFire War Beta 1.2

Type: RPG Game.
Requirments: Windows 95 to newest.
Aenasan 3000AZC. Dragons in Continent Daekar Tain starts a massive war that can bring victory or destruction. It's your chance as chaos warrior, divine defender, or neutral site to clear your way and decide the destiny of entire race of dragon kind!

Features: Own custom graphics, awesome pictures by talented artists, play as dragon, stats and skills choice, and many site quests.

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