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A Lonely Valentine, by Hiptomas

Hi! Due to recent request for the awesome piano play used in Virtual Utopia Tutorial, we decides to let people to download the original song file. You can download it from the attachment below.

Here is the comment from the author; Hiptomas, "thank you for your support :D, didn't think my music will be this popular."

Some Animations

Here I put some animations that I was make for UtoTutorial. I also add an image that include every part of adult-rosedragon. If so less frames could make a nice animation , it seems a lot of frames would expand more probabilities.

Virtual Utopia Tutorial

This is an Interactive Basic Tutorial for the webgame Utopia. As a 'from noob to noob' guide and in believe that most new players get bored reading long guides, hopefully this guide able to increase the interest of new players. Made with Adobe Flash CS3 as an effort to 'test the water'.

Basic Flash Website Template

This template intended to show what I already able to make with flash on web design basis. Even so, just as I learned these from internet and books in a month, I'm sure I'm able to learn other flash web tricks.

only 5 dollars

What dedicated Utopia player do with $5. Reported by uTV, your hilarious source for Utopia drama. Made with flash and photoshop. Source music from Final Fantasy 8, sounds from rpg maker, FF8, and (cognito and metamorphmuses).

Sample: basic point and click game #1

Below is a sample of basic point and click game made with flash's action script 3. In this sample, you have:

  • Pictures you can drag and drop.
  • Background music played from inside the file.
  • Custom button with mouse over shading
  • Button play sound and taking you to other timeline
  • Custom mouse cursor.

XmaS for Utopian

What Utopia players do in Christmas, reported by uTV, your hilarious source for Utopia drama. Made with flash and photoshop. Music by Mansardian. Voices by rosedragon, asmodeus, and shockwave of Utopia community.


A simple avoider game I make in learning flash's Action Script 3.0. This time I'm able to customize the game so it do several things I want: displaying game over screen, wait, and replay.

Your mission is to eat the small green dots and avoid the blocks.

Learned these from Flash Foundation.


A simple pong game I make in learning flash's Action Script 3.0.

Learned these from Flash Foundation.

Hatchling Tag

hatchling tag-t

A Warcraft Tag map, taken and modified from Tree Tag ideas and triggers. Nine last dragon hatchlings escape from ferocious fel beasts. Are the hatchlings succed to survive, grow into powerful dragons, and kill their fel beast foes? Or will be the fel beasts captured all of them?

Type: Tag game.
Requirments: Warcraft 3 frozen throne and friends to play with.

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