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grafitti art print: animal mural

I'm very happy today since they just put my grafitti on grafittiartprint : Not everyone got theirs grafitti on there.

There is NO Tealy!

There is NO Tealy!

Poor tealy.... where is it?
Find Tealy 2 progress: 40%


The second ice age came and nothing survive, except a naked guy and his bicycle. Join his bizarre adventure on solving the mystery of frozen bubbles and finding the other guy that survive the apocalypse!

What do you think of this control scheme?

sketchbookgames and I are developing a box2d editor for platformer, rpg, and adventure games and we trying to define the basic rules and controls. My idea is to have the games absolutely mouse controlled but we have some problems.

MoneyTree Concept

We all want one. This is concept for one of games I currently develop.


In Hotel Catastrophe, you find yourself trapped inside a hotel that just got hit by an earthquake. The goal is to find your family and get out of the hotel as fast as possible. Escape various challenges and overcome objects by combining creativity and memory.

Find Tealy 2 Background WIP

Find Tealy 2 Background WIP

Early WIP for 'Find Tealy 2'

Games for Your Site

Here you can download my games and host it on your site for free. The zip packages include all needed resources such as screenshots and thumbnails. Just please don't modify or alter the games in any way or restricting features (including links) inside them.

Need feedbacks for 'Find Tealy 2-5'

I'm planning to make sequels for 'Find Tealy', so let me know what is your feedbacks. Here are list of the questions:


Ten Tealy wants to play with you and Theirs favorite game is hide and seek. Explore the fantasy world of 'Amethyst Orchard' and met it creatures and bizarre stuffs while trying to discover these Tealy.

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