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Otherkin (#3 of 6, discontinued)

Chapter 2: Difference

The next day Nezazar fetch me patient less. My mom cry so loud and painful, even we, dragons have no tears. Nezazar lick my mother to calm her and than be as cold as usual. Again, I ride Nezazar back, the small me will lose balance if fly near him. In middle of air he starts to talks.

"Watch your attitude and be careful there. I'm not worrying you, but I dont want send your corpse to Rhyga."

Otherkin (#2 of 6, discontinued)

-Day Dreaming-

The next day I start my day like usual. I greet everyone I met in my school and enter my class. There is thirty minutes left before the bell rings and I will use it f study, there would be a test this morning.

But then I feel sleepy, I don’t know why… I lay my head on table and close my eyes. I think it’s ok to sleep just for a second. But then the dream continues…

Chapter 1: Wonder Hatchling

Otherkin (#1 of 6, discontinued)

Ever you ask to yourself.., what you really are? Ever you got dreams and visions that you never predict before?

Seek dreams and visions, let the memories snuff your consequence and lead you to your unbelievable draconity…

My name is Irish, once was a normal girl, with many friends and knowledge. But it just my past.., before I becoming otherkin...

It started in a hot shiny day. It so hot, very hot! Covering myself below pine trees in the park doesn't affect the heat on my head. I stop to grab my bottle when suddenly I lost my sight and collapse above grasses.


He enters his small apartment and closes the door with his foot. He releases a sigh and goes silent for some seconds. Some bold curses thrown from his tongue before he sat down and open his clothes.

Wearing a plain pale brown shirt and brown short pants, he opened his refrigerator and grabs an instant food and a can of beer. He throws the food to inside the microwave and turns it on before sat down.


A young girl runs cheerfully through the church’s alley. She stops in front of the cross and inserts an envelope to the box below the cross also prays for a moment. She smiles respectful at the cross before turns her back.

“How are you Manami?”

“I’m fine, father. I’m sorry but I’m late for my college.”


A creature walks slow crossing a small river. Moonlight reflects from his black scales, showing terrifying red colour. Blood drips from the fresh corpse in his jaws. A pair of long horn curved from back of his head and spines march along his back, passing between his blue bat-like wings, and down to his sharp tail spade. He has two pair of agile limbs, with long fingers to grab anything, also small but sharp claws.

After the Tides

Tini holds her mother's dress and her tears. She and her mother haven't eat for three days, since her favorite ocean raise up and swallow her town, her father, and her friends. Tini cries no more, her mother will cries too and blame herself if Tini cries. She just holds her mother promise that they will eat this day.


The storm blows viciously in the canyon, echoing off the stone walls and resounding all the way through the canyons expanse as well as making it the only sound heard in the seemingly silent chasm. But she can’t hear it. No, she isn’t deaf. She was watching her egg, the glistening shell ignited by the light of the moon that reflected from the walls around her and her unborn. The sound of cracking is a wonderfully melodic tune for her and she hums a gentle song with delight.

Order of Furries (discontinued


Once upon a time... Aenasan 3500 AZC. In Las imagenes island at Mochi mochi mountains life some fuzzy creatures who likes to play together. There is Fluffy the untidy dog with a cape, Pupp the tiny panther with a cap, and Rose the rosedragon. They was playing around when a big bad wolf come and barks to them.
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"We have order from Master Yoshi!" barks the big wolf Kaye. She fix her eyeglasses awhile and catch some breath. While the three other furries keep playing cuddling around.

Hack Infinite (#6 of 6, finished)

Log 6: Ambition of JHC.1634

Rick, still riding on RedNETWolf entering another wide room with his other viruses. A familiar guy with black glasses and a cloak stand in the second floor, laughing at them.

“Welcome, to your final fight. So, what do you know about JHC.1634?” asks the stranger. Rick thinks for a while.

“An out of date virus that infect *.*exe and *.*com also lurks inside RAM and scatter through DOS.”

“Almost correct, nice try. JHC is ancient but not out of date,” yells the stranger unpredictably. “Feels the wrath of JHC.1634!!!”

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