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Webdota Story #2

Curse of Sunder

The black dogs with red fiery eyes are chasing him, saliva dripping between their razor fangs. Anger, hatred, hunger, and vengeance are some of their names.

He knew he couldn't run away and once again would be teared down before he woke up. A second before the dream vanished, he saw a shadow, a shadow of a much bigger dog.

Webdota Story #1

The orphan of Scourge

"Give me another chance, please?"

The Obsidian destroyer stay still like statue in his favorite place; a ruins two meter high. He looks great up there, like a fierce winged lion statue, with moon light strengthen his rough body.

Dota Nightmare (In Indonesian Language)

Cukup sudah, aku tidak mau peduli lagi dengan tuntutan mereka; makiku dalam hati sementara layar di hadapanku menampilkan gambar loading yang sudah begitu akrab. Aku akan tetap disini bersenang-senang dan melupakan semua masalah yang dunia paksakan padaku. Aku tidak tahu berapa puluh jam aku telah duduk disini tapi aku tidak peduli. Aku juga tidak percaya dengan kepedulian orang lain, mereka hanya sekadar basa-basi atau membutuhkanku.

Kabut <RATA> (In Indonesian Language)

Berjalan di tengah kota, aku tersenyum memandang sekitarku. Kicauan burung, gelak hidup manusia, serta arsitektur beton yang diselingi sedikit hijau tetumbuhan. Kunikmati tiap tarikan nafasku, menikmati kehidupan apa adanya, dengan seluruh 'warna'nya. Merasa cukup dan penuh syukur untuk hal-hal yang baik dan buruk membawa damai, memasrahkan hal-hal yang tak terjawab dan tak terselesaikan di tangan Sang pencipta.

Tiba-tiba aku merasa sesuatu yang ganjil. Lalu sejenak, lebih singkat dari kedipan mata, semua menggelap hingga sangat gelap tak terlihat apa-apa, pekat tanpa sinar.

Point And Click Game Tutorial (Flash AS3.0)

Point and Click Game probably the simplest but quiet powerful game that can be made using Flash. While it use simple codes, quality of gameplay inside a point and click game depends on the game developer's creativity. Some point and click games focus on puzzles, some on 'pixel searching', some on weird 'get items to make things', some on graphical art, and some others on storyline. This is tutorial about how to make one using Adobe Flash CS (Action Script 3.0) with example FLA file included.

Game Development 2 : Variety of Specialization

Following the development of game which became more complicated, a high-quality game can't be done by one person anymore. More features added in game, especially in graphics, more employer with certain specializations needed.


Glen looked out from the ship’s window to the thousand stars. Seems it just yesterday he fascinated to the same stars from a telescope as a small boy. Now, he is a soldier at a military space expedition Avalon 13 held by the government and the biggest company: Tantarus.

The fleet received a distress signal a few days ago from a commercial space station Tristram, which is belongs to the Tantarus Company. They can’t contact or figure out what happen to the station for the next few hours, until they close enough to send some smaller ships to there.

“See something interesting?”

Otherkin (#6 of 6, discontinued)

Chapter 5: Cruel Destiny

I wake up at another morning with tired body. I got a nightmare that I couldn’t remember last night. This day I will escort Zemilkom in his escape, after I have a breakfast.

But before I and other nobles touch our food, we been surprised by a lot of screams...

Outside the sky was red because flaming battles below. War emerges between dragons and wyverns. Although smaller, those wyverns have more chance to win because their swiftness and deadly tail poison.

Otherkin (#5 of 6, discontinued)

Chapter 4: The Plot

I’m so tired this evening when Zemilkom arrive and ask me to accompany him. He said that he finds a secret passage and ask me or… order me to accompany him exploring it. Sigh, day by day he gets more depended on me.

I’m following Zemilkom quickly through passages and stairs; he is a lot faster than me because he is a thunder dragon. We sneak into an abandoned room. Zemilkom push a porcelain statue, showing a hole behind it. We sneak on slowly and aware.

Otherkin (#4 of 6, discontinued)

Chapter 3: Divine Dragons

I feel relieved, I got a break from my exhausting exercises. Prince Zemilkom takes me to the Middle Sands. Can be said guarding him to that beach. Likewise, he walks careless and happily, not like a noble dragon.

"Exercises is boring isn't, Aru?"

“Not really, it just exhausting.”

“Now you are not fun anymore, Aru! You don’t want to play with me anymore!” said Zemilkom while walks passing me.

“We are daejas now, Zemilkom…”

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