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The tides of time
Remind me about the past
Reopen the wounds
Ceasing every hope of future

Hack me>>>

[Hack] through my firewalls and proxys of negative thoughts.
[Enter] my life and [INSERT] my heart,
Worry not of hacking risks and the federals.
[Route] me to cheerful world to [Shift] my mood into happy.


I put all my trust on your promises
Smile and think people understand me
I close my eyes and float above dreams
I believe the warmth will stay in my heart


I was there in the day my mother always wait and wish. I was standing proud inside a beautiful with bride gown. Beside me was the mr. nice guy I ever deny.

I was searching my parents. I saw my father, like always talking anything he could talk about me, even embarrassing ones. I tried to ignore his habit and approached him.

"Dad, where is mom?"
"Oh, she said she is tired so she doesn't come and watching TV instead."
But this is my special day!

Nyanyian Sunyi di Atas Busway (In Indonesian Language)

Pria dan wanita segala umur berkumpul dengan pakaian hitam-hitam. Hujan tidak berhenti menerpa bumi dengan deras, namun tangisan yang terdengar di bawah atap teras kantor pekuburan itu lebih kencang lagi. Aku hanya bisa terbengong diam sementara tidak jauh dari kami, tanah kuburan yang telah digali diurai hujan dan peti mati almarhum sahabatku tergeletak di atas tanah. Sudah hampir malam, pemakaman ini terpaksa ditunda besok, dan hal itu menambah beban keluarganya yang ditinggalkan.

My Jakarta Girl

I love that girl since first day I met her.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Matthew, I came from Germany but right now my family lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I attend middle school in Jakarta International School (JIS) which using english language, america's curriculum, and had students from different countries.



If she found that blog, I would kill her.

Of course it would be delightful. And by saying "don't try searching it... You will be sorry to find that blog." she would be tempted to figure it out. Every pathetic ones did and they at last done something good in their useless life.


I check my watch, it's still an hour before my shift start. I enter the pizza restaurant with confident, there would be a promotion on the end of this day and I'm sure I'm the one who would aquire it. Aroma of fresh baked pizza filling the air like usual but this time they seems to smell better for me. My work mates greet me and I already feel like they congrats on my success. I don't wait anymore moment to change my clothes and immediatly waiting near the serving table.

Starcraft: A Specialist (In Indonesian Language)

Chapter 1 : The Convert Lab

Namaku Patricia, hanya Patricia. Aku sebatang kara… mungkin. Aku tidak tahu siapa ayahku, keluargaku, bahkan diriku sendiri. Yang kutahu hanyalah aku kelinci percobaannya Confederacy.


The guy is digging his own grave as the witchdoctor enhancing scary spells. Five feet he had dug, the guy was hoping he would get abundant money inside the hole later, after the scary ritual over. He looked at the full moon and then to the witchdoctor, which gleaming like evil genie beneath the moonlight.

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