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No One Care

My father died overdosage
No one care, his own fault they said
My mother become a bitch
No one care, no one care

Untitled Short Poems

Work perform our world
Feels life is only working
Pulled there pushed here
Meat puppet without soul


So much happiness and sorrow kept inside a love...
Some destroy themselves for love...
Some wants burned by love...
Some shatter because love and rise again because love...

Forget Our Memories

I trusted you too well
I don't need one more day
of you wasting me away
I don't want to be ignored

Forbidden Love

I have no tears,
But you think I don’t cry?
My face shows no emotions,
So what you expect?


If you put gold in the sky,
It’s only dust for me.
I lack of attentions,
And my trust is broken.


I will take your rights,
I will take all your freedom,
Cuz’ that’s what you ever done to me.

Somewhere I Belong

I don’t know why,
I am different,
But this is my home.

Scars in My Heart

Scars in my heart, never cured
Opened again everytime I cry
My tears gone wasted
Cause I'm alone between humans


I've tried so hard and so far,
Shares everything I have.
I’m happy when my friends happy,
Even in deep of my heart there is fear.

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