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Here where I put development of most of my projects.

Hatchlings continued?

I'm considering to remake and combine hatchlings. Hopefully with my knowledge now, it could be a good long game.

Current development: imagination escape 2

Continuality of the previous game... I'm working on a sequel. This scene took me three time tries because I made a wrong perspective.

Another incoming game!

Currently I'm polishing a game for Casual Gameplay Design Competition #6. Can't say much but here are spoiler pictures.

Hold on there! Incoming game!

Probably in a month or less I will have another game. This one took me a month to make and another week to polish. It currently on bidding process and I need to wait to maximalize the sponsorship cash ;) .

The Black Box Sourcecodes (AS3)

If you want to learn how to make an escape game, this sourcecode might able to help you. You will need Action Script 3 or Adobe Flash CS3 and above to be able to use this file!

One problem is my code are messy and I don't put comments on so it might hard to figure out what do what. You might also consider checking this tutorial to seek basic functions.

Hatchlings 2 Design Steps

I realize that I'm not the best artist around and I'm bad at describing how I draw but I just save these drawing steps I do for a scene on hatchlings so I think some people might interested to see..

Entrance Sketch 6

Entrance Sketch 6

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 3

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 3

The ruins. Umm, yes, the items are temporary taken from Hatchlings 1.

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 2

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 2

The bathhouse, now we know Rune fears of water.

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 1

Hatchlings 2 Screenshot 1

Rune and the ghosts.

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