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Here where I put development of most of my projects.

Haunted Mirror Maze Trailer

Here is teaser of Haunted Mirror Maze gameplay. Not much can be told since it is a puzzle game. If you like games like sudoku, picross, and such, you might like this one.

Haunted Mirror Maze and some news

I'm in progress of porting Haunted Mirror Maze to flash version. This puzzle game by David Millar is terrific! I hope it will be finished soon and sponsorship process works smoothly!

Tealygochi spoiler


Coming this month to your nearest dream, the most cuddly dragon ever!

grafitti art print: animal mural

I'm very happy today since they just put my grafitti on grafittiartprint : Not everyone got theirs grafitti on there.

There is NO Tealy!

There is NO Tealy!

Poor tealy.... where is it?
Find Tealy 2 progress: 40%

What do you think of this control scheme?

sketchbookgames and I are developing a box2d editor for platformer, rpg, and adventure games and we trying to define the basic rules and controls. My idea is to have the games absolutely mouse controlled but we have some problems.

MoneyTree Concept

We all want one. This is concept for one of games I currently develop.

Find Tealy 2 Background WIP

Find Tealy 2 Background WIP

Early WIP for 'Find Tealy 2'

Need feedbacks for 'Find Tealy 2-5'

I'm planning to make sequels for 'Find Tealy', so let me know what is your feedbacks. Here are list of the questions:

Me, Pencil-Color Art Style, and pet game

So well, recently after I played machinarium, I felt inspired of its pencilcolor-style artwork and it reminds me the old time when I'm happy when buying new set of watercolor pencils or sad when they broke because they got wet.

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