RoseDragon's Quotes

- Humans are the worst liars. They lie to themselves to avoid guilty feelings and weakness. They lie in socializations just because the fear of being alone. Then, the mask only will torture them with distrust of real friendship.

- This world is a stage where all only acting, where all deny their heart.

- Where is the truth? Could you prove your faith? Could you explain why we should exist? Could you explain which is true which is not? Or nothing is true?

- Memories can't shatter if you want to keep it. Items can reminds you to memories but if you lose those, your memories stay still in you, your thought, your heart. Only sadness can fade away, if you allow it.

- Life isn't perfect and there is no training sessions. You must clean all mess, leave it, and move forward.

- There is no true justice, justice only a matter of perception. And everyone have different perception...

- Everyone life in the border between good and bad. Sometimes you should push back, sometimes you should let people push you.

- It was your views, your believes, your motives, and your dreams that create the world around you.

- Life is like an orange, sometimes it could be sweet, but mostly sour. Some people can enjoy the sour.

- Everyone life with a heart not to thinking about themselves but to love others.

- Your value never collapse, it would raise again every time we decide to go on.

- Believe that life is precious and you will get it.

- Friends are not always beside you to help but their friendship is with you. Remember your times with them and let it raise you up.

- True happiness exist if we understand our existence.

- The closest and trusty friend is yourself, but you need to know who and what you are and respect yourself first.

- Let my soul fly with golden wings of friendship... To touch stars of dream we share. When the dark night seems endless, our friendship is light in the winter.

- A life is not a matter of struggles, neither wealth. A life is a matter of to enjoy what we already have and follow our heart.


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