Parables of Zen

- Life is more worthy than moneys, not matter how much is the money.

- Is not good to have too much of a good thing.

- The wise are eager to learn from other’s experiences, whoever they are.

- Humans like to show someone’s stupidity but can’t see his/her own weakness.

- Don’t waste your health for your career.

- Excessive praise brings someone to nowhere.

- There is no shortcut to succeed.

- You can’t solve a problem without knowing the source.

- Temporary and fast solution doesn’t solve crisis, but only cover it for a while, that kind of solution only bring worst problems.

- We loss because greedy.

- A person who doesn’t realize the value of truth will soon lost the truth.

- Don’t be fooled by appearance.

- Mistakes can happen because people tend to forget the important core.

- Don’t too happy when succeed so you won’t be too sad when failed.

- Natural beauty is forever and unmatched.

- It’s easier to destroy than create.

- Someone who trust other too much usually have no ability.

- The sinned fears his/her own shadow.

- Everything has its own use.

- Someone who experiences the same problem understands the others.

- Two dogs are fighting for a bone and third dog runaway with it.

- Wise people are flexible.

- The wise satisfied with his/her own succeed.

- View a problem from every point of view before solve it.

- A good lie can’t hide a bad truth.

- Silent isn’t gold but the proper actions is.

- There is no truly fair in this world.

- A person who thinks him/herself elite reveals his/her own weakness.

- Distrust others is humans’ common sickness.

- Theory without practice is useless.

- A fool doesn’t know his/her priority.

- Forgive is the only cure for hatred and vengeance.

- Decide your target before do anything.

- World is full of idiots who like to show they are smart.

- Without a good plan, only failure waits.

- Someone who chases richness and power will lose everything.

- Chance only comes once.

- Laugh and world will laugh with you, cry and you will cry alone.

- The greed forgot his/her own safety.

- Don’t make a decision with anger.

- Before asking an advice from an expert, check how expert is he/she first.


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