Nice quotes from Magic The Gathering

- Friends teach what you want to know, enemies teach what you need to know.

- The only thing that flows faster than water is fear.

- Keep watching only for the giants and you'll be eaten by the ants.

- Getting in was easy part. Get out proved more difficult.

- Wear courage as your armor, wield honor as your blade.

- Madness and genius are separated only by a degree of success. --Einstein

- The end of one life is merely the beginning of thousands more.

- Anything sent into plagued world is bound to come back infected.

- The wise pay as much attention to what they throw away to what they keep.

- Good is not a 'thing'. You can neither touch nor own it. Good is a vision we all share and strive to make real.

- To forgive our enemies is to forgive ourselves.

- Enemies can be your weapons or your shields. Simply show which they are.

- When you have given everything, then you have everything to gain.

- Honor the brave who fought, honor the dead who fell, honor the world they saved.

- Like the tide, time both ebbs and flows.

- There are only two rules of tactics: never be without a plan, and never rely on it.

- All creatures have an inner fire. Releasing it can be dangerous.

- Finding true heart of stone is even harder than finding a true heart.

- The overconfidence is the most vulnerable.

- Be as fast as lightning, and you will be just as deadly.

- The ingredients for panic include equal parts danger, uncertainly, and helplessness.

- Precision is frequently more valuable than force.

- The only true immortality is in dying for a cause.

- There is no true equity of power. There is only more and less.

- One injustice starts a thousand riots. One law stops a thousand crimes.

- The more you look at a problem, the more dangerous it becomes.

- It's hard to hurt anyone when you're as transparent as your motives.

- Politics is a game-- move a stone here, move a stone there-- except sometimes the stones bleed.

- To hide the truth is more than folly- it is fatal.

- Gone today, here tomorrow.


Sounds like Proverbs

Sounds like Proverbs

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