Game Development 2 : Variety of Specialization

Following the development of game which became more complicated, a high-quality game can't be done by one person anymore. More features added in game, especially in graphics, more employer with certain specializations needed.

Specialization in Game Biz(Game Business)

Programming -- A game in this era need a lots of programmer to make sure they are done in short deadline. A game like WarCraft 3 or RF Online can't made from scratch by a sole person, even with five to ten years effort. Game programmers separated to several specializations such as for A.I, 3D, Logic, mathematic, and other objects. These programmers coordinated by one lead programmer which expert in his field and having a good managerial skill. Beside making games, programmers also needed to make installer, website, and other tool programs.

Design - Design categorized to level design, user interface (GUI), and AI. A big game like Civilization needs a lot of designers to research and design the levels. Designers also have an experienced lead designer with good managerial skill to lead them.

Production - A game headed by a producer, and helped by one-two associate producer and a production coordinator. They are demanded to be creative in making schedule, expense calculation, coordinating with license, marketing, sales, operational, international, and quality assurance.

Graphic - A good graphic is a high factor that determine how a game can compete in the market. A lots of game companies regard it as the first important factor. Although graphic doesn't guarantee success of a game, graphic is the first thing a gamer see and interest him/her to try the game. Graphic making process have stages start from making concept art, model, texture, panorama, replacement, lightning, to rendering.

Music and Sound Effect - At past, sound effects for a game are taken from sound bank or by making a request to recording studio. This time, it doesn't applied anymore in most top gaming companies because copyright issue and advancement in technology. Sound Engineer employed to create and synchronize varieties of sound effects, musics, dialogs before sent in correct format to programming staffs. Instead that, Sound Engineer also demanded to understand dialects of foreign citizen and creating multi-lingual dialogues.

Marketing and Sales - A game doesn't sell by itself. Billboard in software store, ads on medias like newspapers, internet, magazines, and even TV are worked by marketing and sales division to make sure the games are sold. Marketing also design promotion and online event. Design of box and game title need views from marketing division, because it is a part of advertising.

License and Business Expansion - A game can be expanded to certain areas and license division responsible for these. License division responsible to collaborate the game with other products that had been negotiated and accepted by marketing division. They planned the strategy manual, action figure toys, soundtrack album, to giving the game as bonus to certain purchase.

Quality Assurance atau testing -- Against the common knowledge that alpha and beta testers only play the game and comment on it, game developers have professional quality assurance that demanded to carefully inspect every factors in the game, try every possibilities, and then list the odds (errors, bugs, bad factor).

Hardware Engineer - These are people who specialized to create machines like arcade machine or console. Hardware engineers also design the platform for the game, making prototype. fixing utilities, etc.

Writer - Game design document need to be worked by the designers and technical writers. Dialogue and manuscripts written by a writer. Manual instruction like read me written by a special writer. If Producer doesn't assign the game designer to write the story, they would hire a contract writer. Only a few companies have theirs own, permanent writer.

Tehnical - To implement the software program with available hardware, technicians are employed to collaborate with Designer and Programmer.

Executive - Leaders of the company and decision makers that usually gain theirs position through ranking system. Some of them start the business from programmer or designer, or even warehouse staff.


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