Despair, brother, despair

I believe in friendship, whereever they are
Which shape and strengthen me
I believe in dreams, whatever they are
Catalyst to success and hope replenisher

I though you believe in them too, brother
But now I guess your view is different
I guess you value it with economy rules
I'm not worth as your sister anymore?

What I want is just to have you back
The wise, countable, and kind person,
Whom I used to know, my beloved brother
If that painful day never happen...

You know I plea behind my curses
But you grinning behind the cold screen
And knock me down
Showing to everyone how low I am

You know I run and cry, wounded
But you chase me down and set up traps
You know I would make mistakes
So you can take my friends... again

©Amethyst Orchard 2004 - 2009.