If she found that blog, I would kill her.

Of course it would be delightful. And by saying "don't try searching it... You will be sorry to find that blog." she would be tempted to figure it out. Every pathetic ones did and they at last done something good in their useless life.

First, what would she saw is description about my world. My world is dark, she can't see anyone. But there are certain things that glow by themselves, like the only furniture on the sky, the blood moon. It is a moon that seems tainted with red blood and a spot of black that keeps circling like liquid inside white-bone bowl. Then there are the spike cliffs, formations of blueish or dark-brown crystals that make bridges to each other. Below, there are reddish fog, and no one know what lay beyond. The fog is acidic, anything that touch it would melt. So, the only place to put her feet is on the crystal cliffs which we call Clairvoyance. When she touch Clairvoyance, Clairvoyance will starts crawling to her deepest heart and mind. Gradually Clairvoyance will disturb her with her own questions that had no answers and demanding her to make a concrete answers. If she tries to deny, the crystals would disappear, she would fall to the fog. No concrete platform just like no concrete answers.

Second, if she survive long enough from Clairvoyance's judgment, she would start knowing that she is not alone. There are scary creatures, as dark as the darkness itself, flying around. But I don't let them kill or ate her, because she is my victim. There is no need to describe what happen of she survive longer, no one ever survive the first trial. The fog would do the job, separating every essences of a human being and release the remaining energies to make the world grow.. more Clairvoyances for us.

Why blog? Blog is the closest connection between the deep obscureness of my world with her real life. When she read it, her emotions would flow with the text, enchained by the unreal experiences and thoughts. Her mind and mine connected by her trust and her emotions and so she would be summoned to here. Her mind before got summoned would filled by excitement, the feelings that she is better than me, the arrogance and egoism, which humans tend to hid behind the words "I'm sorry for that" and those thoughts wouldn't let her escape from my world.

Chapter 1: Fields of Innocent

If he just like what I feared, I'm ready to kill him.

Violet touches her skirt, reminds her that the dagger still hid well there. The dagger reminds her of the nightmares she never can forget, the nightmares that took away her heart, no longer able to view the world with innocent eyes. But the grim's claw is the only thing that could make her secure now.

In everyone's eyes, she is a girl who had no taste of fashion and careless with her appearance. Just like the clothing she use now, not matching each other, especially with her silver watch with luminosity button showing the evolution of humans instead numbers.

Violet discovers a blog. An emotional blog of a strange man with unbearable sadness, the real person behind the strong mask. The rants on the blog doesn't mean as a weakness, but as the reflection of the real human inside, a man as a whole. Violet fascinates and her emotions flowing alongside the words, then her consciences follow, until she forgot where she is. A chilling caress on her neck surprising her and she wake up from her day-dream, only to found out she sit on a glowing brown 'bridge' between sharp cliffs of an irrational world.

She trying to figure out where she is now and why she can be there when other questions struck her head. The question about her future, the impossibility of reaching self welfare. Usually she able to get rid this kind of question but now seems it is the only thing that she could think about. When she try to convince herself that she will reach her target eventually, her mind pursuing her again. Her gender seems as a problem to be listened and the will of others are against her own. She tries to deny but her mind now become depressive, arguing that no one would even care or help.

Remember that she shouldn't being controlled by her own self, Violet keeps trying to get rid those questions. She screaming at herself that those would be solved by time and knowledge. That even if she can't get any help, she still can life on. The disturbing thoughts weakens for awhile, giving Violet chances to figure out the new strange environment.

Violet trying to stand up when a chilling air caress her again, now it brings a feeling like being in nightmare. Then another one come and almost makes Violet lost her balance on the unsteady crystal. Violet quickly sit back but the sensation keep coming and giving more unpleasant feeling in each time. When the next chilling air approaches, Violet push the luminosity button of her watch and direct it to the source, a creature that far terrifying than the air it cause. The serpent-like creature stare her back with thousand of glowing eyes it posses on its body. Its head approach Violet, wide mouth of razor sharp teeth circling a big eye stare her in hunger. Violet can't move and the creature open its mouth wider. As fast as it comes, the creature fly away. Another chilling air touches Violet from her back but she doesn't look back and quickly turn off her watch luminosity, there is no need of seeing another monster.

Chapter 2: Whisper

My only option is to kill them or myself.

The fear starts to engulf Violet with its cold hands. Violet barely remember the will she was mentioned before, she even starts to desperate because she can't think any way to escape the realm. Her mind starts to push her again, telling that pathetic is her life now, like how she spending her times hiding in the internet world while she isn't a kid anymore. It tells that she doesn't worth to continue her life, her presence only disturb everyone else.

Violet angry at the thoughts, reminding herself how painful, dangerous, and full of deceit is real life. She remember her painful past and the question fade away. But before she could liberate her mind, another thought now accusing her presence, accusing that she never tries her best to love everyone. Argue with her that it was her own pathetic behaves that makes her rejected.

Giving was a painful experience for Violet. She also doesn't trust sincerity, even her parents caring her so she would care them later. The accusing thought still not get away from her mind and awake her trauma. She remember how scared and broken she was. Her heart and mind never cured even it already passed for years.

In that day, she met a guy which was her old friend before and cyber friend later. The guy put drugs into her drinking glass and so she felt asleep. When she woke up, she had lose everything she had as a normal girl and the guy's friends are waiting for their turns. She doesn't knew where she got the power but she took the glass, broke it, and kill them-- which had lose their energies because the wretched pleasure. Her hands was spilled with blackish-red liquid of her and them, she still remember how warm and congealed it was. So now, she doesn't care for morale and kindness. She only pretend to have morale and kindness to make others believe she is one of them, so she can survive by her own.

Can't bear the deepest thoughts of Violet it explore, Clairvoyance release it's influence. Violet's thoughts spreading corruption to every cliffs, the crystals shatter like fire on fabrics. Violet starts to fall, the reddish fog waiting far below. While the entity that summoned her scream in desperation, having all their sources of energy shatter is not a part of it's plan.

Chapter 3: Snow White Queen

The queen, mother of snow white, being all alone in the castle. Everyone fear her majesty, prefer the King and daughter which more outgoing. That's how jealousy grows..

Violet falling. The world doesn't give her gravitation and air pressure as bad as her world would did on free fall, but she knows she fall fast because the unpleasant feeling which approaches and leaves. The delay from death is just sickening and makes her whole nerves boils. She don't care what waiting below, what she feels just is anger toward anything that cause her to be there. She don't even thinks why and how she comes there.

Fear approaching without mercy, her boiling nerves become shaking and try to hide into the bones. Is it Grim that approach? Is it death? While her body terrifying, Violet finds her mind fascinates and wonders. Thing that she thought as death grabs her body. It feels like tentacles but with thousand small needles that injecting themselves into her body and exploring her pain nerves.

“I'm bringing you here so you can make useful thing before you die... but you just keep ruining everything..”

The creature slowly tighten its tentacles. The small spikes injecting a kind of poison into Violet's body, it's like thick liquid that slowing down blood vessels while transmitting desperation from every nerve points toward the brain. The brain wants death but the poison doesn't allow it, so do the creature won't let Violet go.

Die.. just wants to die... The Grim's claw... Violet try to command her numb hand to take the dagger from her skirt. Her mind struggling between wants to give up with struggle to die. The weird reaction of Violet's brain starts sickening her, it's far from her nature. No, what she should thinks is not about death, she should survive and be the last one who laugh.

The cold steel give sensation of domination to Violet. She grins widely and stab the unaware creature. Glowing green blood sprout out from it's tentacle but the creature doesn't even move. Violet makes more stab, the blood pouring to everywhere although still can't make the creature visible.

“How to kill you,” hiss Violet while keep stabbing anything in front of her.

“How could you know my vital points if you not even dare to see me...” dare the creature.

Surprising the creature, Violet doesn't hesitate to turn on the light on her watch and pointing it to the creature. She see the faces of guys she murdered, in a disarranged body of degenerated flesh and bones.

“Mother f*cker!” angry Violet while the creature laugh.

“Don't worry.. soon I will eat you and you will be part of me..”

“No, prey can't eat predator,” answers Violet before bitting the creature. The hatred, madness, and pain is pleasure to her now and her form evolve to be something like the creatures around her. She can see them inside darkness now and know they afraid of her.

“Which mortal next?”

~End 19 January 2008
By: RoseDragon

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