I check my watch, it's still an hour before my shift start. I enter the pizza restaurant with confident, there would be a promotion on the end of this day and I'm sure I'm the one who would aquire it. Aroma of fresh baked pizza filling the air like usual but this time they seems to smell better for me. My work mates greet me and I already feel like they congrats on my success. I don't wait anymore moment to change my clothes and immediatly waiting near the serving table.

“Hi Chid, ready for the promotion eh? Wish you luck, and here, take this pepperoni pizza for table two and this seafood pizza for table nine.”

I give my best smile to Andersen, the chief before taking the pizzas out of the serving room. This day the restaurant is quiet crowdy. As quick as I make my step out of the room, I forgot which tables I should deliver these pizzas. Stupid mistake, I'm too excited with my incoming promotion. I move back to the serving room.

“Hey Andersen, which tables again?”

“ Pepperoni pizza for table two, seafood pizza for table nine!”

“Ok, thanks.”

I come out from the serving room and somehow I forgot to who I should deliver these pizzas, again... I'm ashamed to ask again to Andersen and decide to look around for people who waiting their's pizza. One of couple in a table raise his hand calling me, I quickly approach that table.

“Your seafood pizza, sir?”

“No, I'm ordering that pepperoni pizza. I think the seafood pizza belongs to that table,” points him to a table far to left.

“Ohh.. I'm sorry Sir, and thank you!”

I quickly go towards the direction and serve the seafood pizza to the correct consumers. As soon as I'm done, I go back to the serving room and taking another pizzas. The same event occur, I can't remember which tables. Oh my... how could I endanger my own promotion? After I deliver the troublesome pizzas, I decide to go to restroom, still 45 minutes to my shift. I take some aspirins and lay back to the wall.

I can't even describe how shamefull things after that. I keep forgetting my tasks at work and I'm ridiculously looking healthy. My manager calls me, but not for giving out the promotion, he give me warnings instead and a free 'vacation' for this day. Everyone dissapointed and they eyes stare me like accusing these are a kind of jokes I play.

Out from the pizza restaurant, the sun greets me with its selfish smile. I walk slowly to my house while trying to figure out why these could happened. I think it happen because yesterday. Yesterday I was in the forest, near its slope. Suddenly someone push me as some kind of joke, I fall and hit a rock. I think I saw his face but I can't remember. But I still doesn't understand how could it makes me like this.

I arrive at my house, a simple yellow house with red roof. I live with my parents, my little sister, and two older brothers. I think they all at home now, watching their's favourite sport on our wide-screen TV. They will asks why I got home earlier, maybe I could explain what had happened and they might know something. I enter the house and like what I predict, they are at home and watching the sport channel. There also Dan, a friend's of my oldest brother.

“How goes your job, Chid?” asks my father.

“It's a crap, somehow I can't remember orders and so I lose my promotion chance.”

“Are you using drugs?”

“Of course not dad, but yesterday someone push me in the forest and my head hits a rock.”

“Don't give ridiculous excuse Chid,” scold my oldest brother.

“I'm not! I don't know how but these are what had happened!”

“You two, stop talkings. We trying to enjoy the shows,” cut my father.

I go up and lock my self in my room. I'm upset, how could they don't trust me? They know I never lied or joking around. I felt like being a stranger. These whole problems makes my head burnt, I decide to take some sleep. I hope tomorrow this ridiculous thing gone, well it should gone.


My wish isn't fulfilled. I try to study for tomorrow but everything I learn keep dissapearing in few seconds. I decide to take a look in internet. After few clicks I found a fact that relevant to my case. It said that “Anterograde amnesia means you have difficulty making new memories and absorbing new information. This type of amnesia is more common than Retrograde amnesia, which makes you have trouble remembering the past.”

The good news is my amnesia usually only temporary. As the websites suggested, I take a note and a pen, I will record everything important so I don't miss anything. After I get dressed, I decide to walk to forest again, maybe I can get some hints of who responsible on this. I go downstairs and I met my oldest brother with his friend watching some show on TV.

“Where you going to go, Chid?”

“To the forest.”

The forest isn't too far from my house, it is just three blocks away. Near the entrance, there is a mini market and a gas station. I decide to go to the mini market first, maybe I will buy a bar of chocolate. I take my time inside to think what I'm going to purchase. After a while, I decide a bar of snickers and a cup of jelly-o. As I wait in the cashier line, I saw Dan walk quickly to the forest. I got a bad feeling, could be he is the one who push me down and now try to makes sure I don't talk?

I take a spray deodorant from a close rack. Not just I need to find a girlfriend, I might could use it for my defense. Getting some deodorant on the eyes sure hurts and give me some times. Moreover, I can put it on pocket and no one will know my hideous weapon.

Armed with one of the most silly weapon, I determined to enter the forest. I try to stay aware of my surrounding but nothing seems suspicious. After circling around, I approach the slope where I felt. I stand near the place, but now awared to not become too close to its sloopy border. For minutes I waited, nothing suspicious happen and I decide to put my concentration towards the slope and the event.

“Watch out!”

I turned my back and found my oldest brother in front of me with a baseball bat. I quickly take my deodorant weapon and spray it to his eyes. He drop his bat and runaway while holding his eyes. I can't believe my oldest brother was the suspect! Dan, who warned me earlier, approach me.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, but I can't understand why my brother trying to hurt his own family.”

“If your family know his mistake, he afraid they will restrict him go outside. That means he won't be able to attend the baseball tournament. I'm sorry I just figured out his plan.”

“It's ok. Should we find him? He can get trouble with those eyes.”

“Sure. But better you call your parents first.”

“Yes, I would do it.”

I call my parents and then we both venture deeper to the forest to find my brother. We screams out his name and say everything is alright but we found no answer. I started to worry, I know baseball means so much for him. It's pity that he doesn't chose to talk with me instead doing this thing.

“Look there!”


My brother doesn't quick respond to our calls. After we get closer, he turn to face us, but his face seems confused.

“Hello there. Where am I?”

“Aw.. he got retrograde amnesia..”


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