Merge with sketchbookgames

I forgot to say but now I'm working together with Brian Davis from to pump even better engaging games. I focus in my strength on art, he focus on programming. Both of us did the game design and we hope with these we would entertain even more people!

find tealy 2 and imagination escape on iphone

They are here! Just check out the links on right of the site! ;)

Donate and get Tealy plushie

I have got tealy plushies made for some time, but I hesitate to start 'selling it'. Today I got some interest from friends though so I guess I should get myself to start this.

Donate for Tealy Plushies!

Hello, I would like to make a request to any of you who happens to visit this page. I love my creations, especially those little dragons I name 'tealy'.

Recently, I asked around plushie makers on the city and found out they won't make just one tealy plushie for me. The minimum plushie to produce is 200 items with pricing around $333 ($1.7 per plushie). That is a big amount of money for me, and I don't know what to do with 200 plushies.

Free 2010 Boomark Calendars

Approaching 2010, I realize I don't have a new year calendar. An idea pop up, why don't I make my own calendar? So well, I have been messing with some templates and make my own big calendar and bookmark calendar. I have fun with the bookmark calendar so I decide to make a set of it and share them FREE for you.

new banner

I just add a flash banner. Plan to make it interactive but not now I guess :) .


Amethyst Orchard just acquire so people can visit the site easier! Though there is a drawback: the current template css seems to be missing and so need to be updated. I will look forward it tomorrow.

UPDATE: css fixed, although it still akward and not IE friendly. I guess I will let it be like this. /lazy mode on

Current Development: Hatchlings

Hi, By now AO is working on a point and click game titled 'Hatchlings'. Please read further.

Directional changes


I would like to say due to inactivity of the members and my next plans, Amethyst Orchard would change the community based goal to be a kind of personal website. I'm not thinking of removing current contents or member access at the moment.
Update: I remove Indonesian language support.

About AO

Hi there!

I am Rosiana Dharmadi aka RoseDragon, welcome to Amethyst Orchard, where I showcase my works!

About Myself
I am a self-taught artist, writer, and game designer. At the moment, my projects involve making flash games. My wish is, I could make a living through what I create and those I create give inspirations to a lot of people-- it doesn't matter what media I use.

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